Brimstone Horrors

Brimstone Horrors
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“Should a Blue Horror be killed, the creature will emit a long, drawn-out and fatalistic groan before vanishing in a cloud of smoke. From out of those unnatural fumes prance living flames—two tiny Brimstone Horrors. These diminutive Daemons are blazing yellow manifestations of pure spite and bitterness. They sizzle and pop while they seek to burn their enemies, or, at the very least, claw and nip at them with tiny flame talons and fangs.”


Hello everyone! These bouncing baby Brimstones have been complete for a while, so I figured I would show them off. As I noted in my previous blog post, I recently acquired some Slaanesh units, so I am working on those currently. This is to say that the next few “Let’s Paint!” posts will be dedicated to the units I finished modeling and painting in preparation for ATC, so get ready to see Pink Horrors, Tzaangors, and Daemon Princes shortly! At any rate, here are my Brimstone Horrors!

There is nothing fancy here, honestly. These models are small in stature, simple in design, and easy to paint. After basing the Brimstones in white spray paint, I applied about two coats of Flash Gitz Yellow generously to each pair of Horrors. I wanted the base color to be a really bright and exuberant yellow. From there, I painted the arms, legs, and faces of each pair of Brimstones with Fuegan Orange. Once that dried, I went in with Wild Rider Red (making sure it was watered down quite a bit), being careful to only paint the tips of the flames or edges of the Brimstones. I wanted the faces of the Horrors to have a bit more depth and dimension, so I washed their eyes and mouths with Reikland Fleshshade. The last step (aside from basing the models) was to carefully color their eyes in with Moot Green; I really wanted their eyes to pop! And that’s all she wrote!

What I love about Brimstone Horrors is how mischievous and oddly charming they appear to be. With two attacks a piece, though, they are a bit more formidable once you get in combat with them! Generally, I send my Brimstones out to hold objectives. For the most part, they do a decent job at that. I know this blog post is short, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless! As always, thanks so much for stopping by!


Here are the materials I used to paint my Brimstone Horrors:

Flash Gitz Yellow

Fuegan Orange

Wild Rider Red

Reikland Fleshshade

Moot Green

Tallarn Sand


Citadel Grass

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