Chaos Cultists

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“Cults begin to grow deep within the fabric of Imperial worlds, driven by the profane preachings of Chaos-touched demagogues. Though many of these cults are found and eradicated by the Ordo Hereticus, the watchers within the Imperium are not able to have eyes everywhere, and many more of these cults flourish. The Cultists hide in plain sight, their drab clothes covering tattoos and symbols they have carved into their own flesh, dedicated to the ruinous powers…Whatever hope a Cultist may have derived from their profane worship is inevitably false. They are but pawns in the plans of the Thousand Sons, meat to clog the wheels of the Imperial war machine…”

Hi everyone! About a week ago, I finished painting a unit of Chaos Cultists! I still have two more units to paint, but I figured I would show you how the first batch turned out. I should note first that, given the size of these models, it didn’t seem worth it to me to spend a lot of time on them. In other words, I tried keeping things simple as far as colors and painting techniques were concerned.


On each Cultist, I began by painting the flesh. I didn’t want them to appear pale and sickly; I wanted them to appear dirty, as if they had just emerged from an intense battle on a distant, muddy planet. For the flesh, then, I used Bugman’s Glow. For the hoods on the Cultists, I used Caledor Sky. Since these particular Chaos Cultists have devoted themselves to Tzeentch, I wanted the hoods on each Cultist to be bright blue.



Any remaining fabric on the Cultists, like shirts, capes, sleeves, etc., I used Ironhull Grey, a dark and rusty gray color. For the pants, I used Tallarn Sand. Any accessories on the Cultists, like belts and pouches, were painted with Dryad Bark, a dark brown. While not all of the Cultists have hair, on those that do, I painted the hair with Rhinox Hide. Rhinox Hide is an even darker brown than Dryad Bark! If I could go back and do anything differently with these Cultists, I probably would have made the hair lighter on those who have hair! Maybe a blonde color would have made for a nicer contrast…



Anyway, the boots, wristbands, and masks on the Cultists I painted black while any weapons held by the Cultists were painted with Leadbelcher, a bright, shiny silver. Pendants or ornaments on the Cultists were painted with Retributor Armour, one of my favorite golds to paint with! It is so vibrant and rich!


Any rope or cloth was painted with Screaming Skull. To wrap things up, I washed each Cultist liberally with Agrax Earthshade to achieve some darkness and depth and, as usual, I based the Cultists with Tallarn Sand and XV-88.

For the next unit of Chaos Cultists, I might make their hoods purple instead of blue, just to spice things up a bit! What do you think? Should I keep the Cultists uniform? Or should I make them stand apart from one another? I would love to hear what you think! Thanks so much for stopping by!


Here are the materials I used to paint my Chaos Cultists:

Bugman’s Glow

Caledor Sky

Ironhull Grey

Abaddon Black

Dryad Bark

Rhinox Hide


Retributor Armour

Screaming Skull

Agrax Earthshade

Tallarn Sand


Citadel Grass

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