Hi everyone! I hope you all are doing well! I want to apologize for my absence, as I know it has been awhile since I have posted. Aside from feeling under the weather the last few days, I have been painting figurines like a fiend! With ATC 2018 only a month away, I am working hard to ensure that my army is painted in time. You should be seeing blog posts dedicated to the units I have finished painting relatively soon, but something occurred to me: I have yet to post something personal on my site. In other words, you all probably don’t know much about me or what I have been up to.

Although summer has just begun, it has been pretty busy. My fiancé Mitch and I have been traveling quite a bit, although not anywhere too far or fancy. In May, we went to Birmingham, Alabama to my cousin’s Court of Honor, ventured down to Venice, Florida to celebrate Mitch’s father’s birthday, and spent a weekend gaming in Gainesville, Florida. Amidst all of the traveling, Mitch and I have attended two graduation ceremonies: one for his oldest daughter, Nylah, who just graduated from the University of Florida and one for his youngest daughter, Jenna, who just graduated high school. Only recently have we finally been able to relax and unwind. Perhaps the biggest change in our lives has been the recent addition to our family: Murphy! The first thing you should know about me is that I am a huge animal lover!


When Mitch and I first got together, I brought two cats into the relationship while he, at the time, had two dogs. One of those dogs, sadly, passed away. This left us with my two cats, Percy and Hemingway, and Mitch’s miniature pinscher, Maggie. Getting another dog wasn’t something that really crossed my mind. After all, I fancied myself more of a cat person. Cats are independent and contemplative creatures, but they can also be incredibly entertaining and endearing. As a child, I was actually the victim of multiple dog bites to the face courtesy of a cocker spaniel, so for a period of time in my life I was actually terrified of dogs! Only as a young adult have I really grown to enjoy dogs and the companionship they offer. Anyway, I received a text from my mother asking if I knew anyone who might be interested in having a dog. While I tried to think of any friends or family members who might be interested, I turned to Mitch and asked, “Would you want another dog?”. His response was something along the lines of, “I am open to it.”


I ended up telling my mom that Mitch and I were interested in possibly getting another dog, so she gave me the contact information of the man who owned Murphy. We wanted to meet Murphy first before making a decision on whether we wanted to keep him, and it didn’t take long for us to decide he would be a perfect fit for our family! He is the sweetest dog I have ever met in my life!

Murphy is a Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier, a terrier breed originating from Ireland. What sets Wheaten Terriers apart from other terriers is actually their coat. For one, the coat is incredibly soft and plush! The coat also runs from a pale beige to a bright gold, resembling ripening wheat (hence the name of the breed). The softness and length of the coat does require upkeep, but the soft coat makes for a companion that is easy to snuggle! Aside from this, the breed doesn’t shed! Having Murphy has not resulted in me needing to clean any more than I already do, which has been great! The things I was concerned about initially were the following: Wheaten Terriers are known to have a severe allergy to fleas and they can also suffer from protein-losing nephropathy and protein-losing enteropathy. Concerning the latter, I imagine Murphy will need immediate veterinary care if he develops a protein-wasting disease. Regarding the former, we have been diligent about applying a topical flea medicine to Murphy even though we have only had him for three and a half weeks.


Murphy struggled to adjust at first; he didn’t eat for the first two days he was here. Prior to him being with us, he hadn’t been walked regularly on a leash, so Murphy is still trying to get the hang of going on walks. Aside from this, he has adjusted fine! He loves kisses and cuddles and chewing on rawhide bones. We recently got him a ball that dispenses treats when moved around and he has become so proficient at maneuvering the ball that I started putting his dog food in the ball instead of treats! The cats have adjusted well to Murphy despite being a little freaked out by him at first and Maggie is starting to take a liking to him! The only thing that Murphy still seems to struggle with is new people. I understand that this will take time and patience, as Murphy needs to learn to trust, but I feel so bad when he cowers at the sight of guests coming into our home. As sweet as he is, he is very skittish! Any tips on how to help with his fear would certainly be welcome and appreciated! In the short time we have had Murphy, I have seriously grown to love him. I really adore this dog and I am so happy he is a new member of our family!


Oddly enough, I learned after we got Murphy that my grandmother owned a Wheaten Terrier named Duffy! Weird, right?


Anyway, I hope this post, despite being short, gave you some insight into what my life is like of late. For anyone reading, are you a cat person or a dog person? Post a picture of your pet! I would love to see and hear about your pets and experiences with animals! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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